Monday, July 24, 2017

San Jacinto College South Campus Cosmetology School

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San Jacinto College South Campus Cosmetology School with Jeanette Wright

Managing your business: Tools for starting and growing your business.  A conversation on financial management, strategy, ownership, budget and forecasting.

  1. Have a purpose: “make money, add value, help others”
  2. Have a plan: What makes you unique? Looking for your differentiation value product or service. Be unique and have a passion
  3. Have a budget: Money, investments, P&L explanation. Budget yourself. Review your monthly results. Learn your numbers: Revenue, cost, profit
  4. Optimization: how to combine products and partnerships to increase profit and productivity. It takes a village to make a business optimal and successful. Ask for help and surround yourself with trustworthy subject matter experts.
  5. Manage people: learn how to lead your employees, deal with conflicts.
  6. Have a Marketing Strategy: social media usage, creating your brand, sell yourself, be mindful.
  7. Do not give your work away. Know your value
  8. Treat your customers as each meeting is the first one
  9. Your road to success is not a straight line. Enjoy the ride
Quotes of the day:
  1. “Be able to change someone’s life by being different”
  2. “I have money calling me, but I have my money on training”
  3. “If you are an entrepreneur act like if you were the brand”
  4. “Romance your clients”
  5. “If you are in charge you have a responsibility”
  6. “Life I too short to think small”
  7. “You set yourself for failure if your goal is not smart”

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