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2018 Annual Luncheon & Business Expo “The state of Hispanics in Houston” by Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Soledad Tanner Consulting attended the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2018 Annual Luncheon - the largest business luncheon in Houston with almost 2,000 attendees & more than 80 exhibitors. The Keynote Speaker was Houston retired Astronaut Captain Scott Kelly, who Spent a Year in Space! “The Limit of what You can do is Beyond the Sky!” “The Sky is not the limit”. “If we can dream it, we can do it”. “Do it BECAUSE it's hard!” – Captain Scott Kelly.

Dr. Laura Murillo: “To succeed we must be data driven. We are focusing in 3 main areas: Daca, Nafta & Census. In Houston, more than 38 percent of small businesses are owned by Hispanics, doubling from 21 percent in 2013.” Hispanics generate 54B dollars in this region; small business has grown by 33%. Census is important because funds will be allocated in relationship to our size. Since NAFTA was signed into law, overall trade between U.S., Canada, and Mexico has increased, from roughly $290 billion in 1993 to more than $1.1 trillion in 2016.

Judge Emmett: “Harris County is the most diverse county in the U.S. where over 25% foreign born population and 145+ languages are spoken”

Dr Laura Murillo gave public recognition to snapperjacks! So proud of my friend Angelica Noyola.

Thank you Heather Kopecky for invite to the event. I appreciate your generosity!

Soledad Tanner, M.I.B

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The Holy Trinity of Business Growth: People, Process and Metrics

How do you keep your company profitable as it scales above 50 employees?

Written by: Doug and Polly White  - Contributor


We have a client who reported to us some interesting comments heard at an industry-related seminar. A seminar presenter contended that as a business grows above the 50-employee size, it will become unprofitable until it gets above 200 employees.

This happens, the presenter said, because, beginning at the 50-employee level, the company must take on additional overhead in the form of HR, IT, accounting and middle-management personnel. The solution, the presenter said, is to grow as rapidly as possible to this stage and then stay there until you can become profitable again at the larger size.

We disagree. Personally, we know of dozens of profitable companies that have more than 50 and fewer than 200 employees. In fact, the two of us met in the 1990s while we were both working for a very profitable 110-person company. That company stayed in the 100-to -125 range the entire time we worked there. We were intimately involved with the company's management and its profitability. The company had HR, IT, middle management and accounting personnel and . . . managed to remain profitable.
Focus on three things

It's true that growing companies must manage overhead costs. It is also true that the cost of the talent needed to reach the next level can be a challenge for small companies that want to be larger. But, we believe that you can scale without becoming unprofitable. To manage the hurdles of business growth without losing it all, focus on three things: people, process and metrics.


As you grow, you will need to start to make investments in talent. By this, we mean both more and better.

Overhead positions. Growing and larger companies often have more complex needs in IT and accounting. In addition, more employees often means more HR needs, as additional regulations apply and companies experience more employee-relations concerns. We recognize that these situations require professionals with more knowledge and experience.

It also can be difficult for growing companies to pay the compensation required to hire this level of talent. However, most companies can afford to hire talent on a fractional basis. A fractional employee costs more on an hourly basis than an equally experienced full-time hire. However, initially, you may need fractional employees only a few hours per month. You can increase their hours as the needs of the company grow.

In our experience, by the time the company hires full-time talent, the new hires actually reduce, not increase, costs, as 100 percent of a full-time hire often costs less than 75 percent of a fractional employee.

Top talent

Small companies can also struggle to pay the salaries and provide the perquisites necessary to attract top talent. Yet, it is this talent that is needed to take the company to the next level. This is one of the toughest problems facing small, growing companies. To attract the experienced employees you need, you may have to offer equity or other incentives. Enlist an experienced consultant, finance or HR professional to aid in creating these offers.

Another issue we find is that small business owners struggle with choosing top talent. While they probably have experience in hiring front-line staff, hiring senior managers may be new to them. Lack of experience in this area can cost you and the organization. We have seen several business owners hire and pay for talent, only to be disappointed when the senior employees don't perform.

The poor choice is compounded if the business owner is reluctant to terminate the poorly performing talent. This further drains the organization in cash and morale. We strongly advise owners to engage the help of an experienced recruitment firm or HR professional to help in the selection process. The additional cost can actually create future savings if this factor helps to find the right hire.

On the flip side, owners also want to promote from within. They want to reward the loyal employee who has been with them from the beginning. However, in our experience, these employees rarely have the horsepower to take on top roles or move the business to the next level. You may have the exception working for you, but get an unbiased third party you can trust to advise you on these decisions. Moving someone back if you realize you have made a mistake in promoting him or her is worse than layering this person.


A complete set of documented processes can help you to stay profitable as you grow. If you start documenting when you are smaller, it will be easier. However, at some point, documentation becomes necessary. Process documentation is how an owner communicates how he/she wants things done within the business without actually having to communicate every action, every day. Without a documented process, owners must rely on employees passing on procedures to new employees. Important information can become tribal knowledge or it may be lost altogether.

Today, there are several apps that can help you to expedite the documentation process. These tools can help you to identify what processes to document, keep documentation consistent and easy to access and make updates as processes change. While these systems are an expense, they'll save you money by reducing some management costs and quality issues. Documented processes help you to stay profitable while you scale.


The third and equally important component to staying profitable while you scale is a set of metrics that tell you how your business is performing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When businesses are very small, the owner may know exactly how the business is performing. After all, this individual is involved with every transaction. However, as a business grows, this becomes impossible.

Good metrics are more than your P&L. They must encompass all of the key aspects of your business. While we wish we could provide a list of the metrics you'll need in your business, that's impossible because each business is unique; therefore, each business must have a unique set of metrics. Again, a good business consultant or CPA can develop the metrics to run your growing and profitable business. Don't put this off. As your business becomes larger, the cost of not recognizing when something is off track becomes greater.

Going back to the presenter at that seminar: We agree that businesses with 50 or more employees are more complex and more difficult to run than a one or two-person shop. However, they don't have to be unprofitable. Focus on people, process and metrics and hire the knowledge you need on a fractional basis, and you can grow and stay profitable.

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Women empowering women in their journey! Sponsored by Soledad Tanner Consulting

Women empowering women in their journey! Soledad Tanner Consulting – Business & Financial Management Consultant was proud sponsored of Social Share April Meetup by Daneliasloves

We are not alone!! Together we can accomplish our goals. We must support each other. Yesterday was amazing! We met other women, shared, connected, were heard, and found friendship & support. “When we share our testimony, it inspires, motivates, and gives others hope while we are also becoming stronger inside and out. Together we can accomplish more. Live with purpose” Danelialoves

Soledad Tanner Consulting offers Business Consulting and Financial Management Solutions to businesses, professionals and corporations interested in maximizing their PROFIT & PRODUCTIVITY. Our solutions are: Business Consultancy, Financial Management and Productivity Solutions. Work smarter, not harder! We are offering a FREE DISCOVERY CALL. Schedule yours now at (832) 998-2136,;

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Adriana en complicidad. Entrevista a Soledad Tanner # 2

¿Por qué las empresas necesitan una gestión financiera adecuada? ¿Cómo administrar el flujo de efectivo de su empresa? ¿Cuánto capital de trabajo necesita para cumplir con sus obligaciones? ¿Por qué necesitas un presupuesto? ¿Cómo debe controlar sus gastos?

Soledad Tanner Consulting explica estos temas y más en una entrevista con Adriana en Complicidad (AC Media TV;, el abogado Randy Canche y CPA David Matos. Gracias Adriana R Calhoon por su apoyo y por darnos la oportunidad de compartir conocimientos financieros y consejos para nuestra comunidad.

Soledad Tanner, M.I.B

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Financial Management solutions

*|FNAME|*, tax season is here! Are you rushing to organize your invoices and expenses for your Accountant? Did you reach the profit level you wish for? Do you want to do betterthis year? WE CAN HELP!

We offer customized FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS that fit your business needs and budget.

Don’t worry if you are not a "numbers person". We specialize in maximizing profit and productivity. Call us for a complimentary consultation at 832-998-2136

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Hard Work is Not Enough

There is more to success than working damn hard…everyday.
It is often said hard work is the only one way to succeed. Well, turns out you need more than just hard work.

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STC 3 Services Infographic

Do you want to maximize your profit and minimize your expenses? Work smarter, not harder! We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary and we are offering a FREE DISCOVERY CALL. Schedule yours now at (832) 998-2136,

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