Friday, July 10, 2020

University of St. Thomas “Faith and Entrepreneurship” STC Consulting

The University of St. Thomas Alumni Relations, & the McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise invited me to be a guest speaker at the “Seekers & Sages” Speaker series: “Faith and Entrepreneurship”

Is faith an indispensable tool for entrepreneurship? The Entrepreneurship journey requires faith and conviction that things will work out. Some of the common questions are:

1. Do I have the faith to start and grow my business?
2. Can I do it even though I have never done it in the past?
3. Should I do it even though I might not have all the answers in front of me?

You need strength that comes from your conviction that if you do to help the community, abundance will find you. You can help the community grow, be confident, be powerful, be faithful and you will achieve financial success. 3 key points:

1. Mission & purpose: You are an instrument of service. You were given the skills and the talent to help the community and to solve a problem.
2. The power of miracles: In the face of the impossible, unexpected things happen. You need to do the work.
3. Integrity: Work smart, be grateful, and never (NEVER) give up: Things will work out. Have the confidence to pursue your dreams. Did I mention NEVER give up?

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