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When Powerful Women Meet the Results Speak Volume

Renaissance Women Summit took place this past Sunday, January 15, 2017, and the CEO of Project Z, Danelia Argueta, was there to experience first-hand the synergy that occurred at this event. Beginning with a lineup of some of the most empowering and accomplished speakers such as Jen Groover, Tamilee Webb, Amanda Russell, and many others who captivated the audience with their personal stories of perseverance and success, while providing insightful business and entrepreneurship advice.

Daniele with Tamelee Webb

Danielle with Jen Groover

Danielle with Amanda Russell

When it comes to creating a memorable brand that resonates with your consumers, Tamilee explained there’s certainly more that goes into having “Buns of Steel” and developing a brand that reaches millions. It’s about immersing yourself into every part of the process. She explains, “When you are building your brand, it is only as good as you are.” It begins with passion, people, listening, and the ability to take a step back during downtime to reflect, stay encouraged, reorganize, and prepare for the next climb. Today she’s a Hall of Fame Fitness instructor, Author, Empowered Speaker, and a “phenomenal woman to meet in person,” says Danelia.

This tied well with Jen’s story, coming from a childhood of abuse and neglect to tenaciously making choices to create a life of absolute success. Absolute success is found when you go beyond monetary gain and focus on building emotional and spiritual balance in life. As an Emotional Intelligence expert, she explains that “Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.” Basically, stating that your past doesn’t have to determine your future and that you can change the outcome of your life at any moment. She’s been tagged by Success Magazine as a “One-Woman Brand” and “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and as a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine based on her ownership of 12 companies selling products and services generating millions every year.

Other panelist included Dr. Noreen Kahn-Mayberry, Jacquelyn Aluotto, Diane Caplan, and the only man and speaker in the room that helped us end the event in VIP style, Freddy Nager. One of his most valuable tidbit for brands is to stay focus on quality and not quantity. He had a massive presentation with impressive marketing and branding insights. We plan to share more of his work in future posts.

Collectively, there was a lot of great content shared, making it difficult to include it all here. However, we highly recommend that you follow each one of the speakers and panelists to learn more about their accomplishments and insightful content.

An event is not complete without an active and engaged audience and top level sponsors. Set in the historic Samuel F. Carter skyscraper, the JW Marriott Houston Downtown was the perfect venue for the caliber of women attending this event. Their luxury hotel showcases paintings and sculptures created by local artists for a dose of Southern hospitality.

Other instrumental sponsors that made this event possible included: Interesting Agency, Founded by Amanda Russell, and also the creator of Renaissance Women Summit, Houstonia Magazine, and P+R Productions.

As far as attendees goes, they traveled from various areas in Houston, and some even came from cities outside of Houston, to meet in downtown. Women from all walks of life gathered for the purpose of participating in this transformational experience.

To reach Latinas in Houston, we joined Connie Gomez, Momma of Dos blogger and Co-Founder of Houston Latina Bloggers network. Connie is a community leader with a passion for raising awareness of all of the Latina content creators in Houston. In her recap of the event, she shares how #HLB’s values lined up with #renaissancewomen #raisingthestandard event, in the sense that both are looking to “empower local women to rise above the standards and become success content creators, all while creating a sense of sister-hood. For HLB, we call it a Latina Tribe.” She further shared, “This type of event fills me with true joy, first off as a Latina who passionately persues empowering the women in her community, and secondly because I want to better myself as a woman, Momma, employee, wife, career-driven person. The Renaissance Woman Conference encompasses all of those important factors that push me forward towards a better me. I love representing the Houston Latina Bloggers and try to do my best with every opportunity I gain. – Connie Gomez, Co-Founder of Houston Latina Bloggers (Attendee)

We further engaged with a few sponsors and attendees to capture first-hand feedback on their experience at the Renaissance Women Summit. Here is what each of them had to say:

“Excited for the opportunity of attending the Renaissance Women Summit, I would like to express my gratitude towards those who shared their business development, entrepreneurial, and personal experiences. It was empowering to witness what great female leaders have achieved along their career and personal paths. A big applause to all! It is admirable and exciting to discover where others have gone and explore new opportunities of what the future can be. Thank you so much for making me part of this!” 

– Karen Aranky, Marketing Manager, Blue Leaf Houston (Sponsor)

“Most of us are constantly submerged in an ocean of technology and information reducing our face to face contact to a minimum. It is critical that we connect with the people and their emotions in an effort to build mutually beneficial and long-lasting human partnerships. The renaissance women summit was an incredibly powerful event that allowed us to connect and support an amazing group of influential female leaders. Soledad Tanner Consulting, LLC was proud to be a platinum level exhibitors and had the opportunity to lead a table discussion. I am looking forward to our next event.”
 – Soledad Tanner, MIB, Performance Improvement Consulting, Soledad Tanner Consulting (Sponsor)

“The Renaissance Women Summit Houston was amazing, inspiring, and motivating. Loved hearing from women of influence who have been successful in life. So glad to be a part of this inaugural event. My biggest take away: what am I doing, why am I doing, what do I have to teach, what are my clients receiving, what do they want, do they feel good after I leave, be kind to me, don’t let fear stay in front of me, don’t compare, don’t let toxic people influence me, take care of my physical body it matters, laugh, and marketing ideas. I am so ready to take my business to the next level.”

 – Lisa Giesler, CEO, A Time And Place For Everything, LLC (Sponsor)

“As an “edupreneuer” (education entrepreneur) I was unsure of what to expect at the event. The RW summit was full of energy that was empowering and the boost I needed to launch my business to the next level. I walked out at the end of the day motivated and ready to put tips and ideas to practice as soon as possible. RW Summit provided a safe and supportive environment to share dreams and the platform to put those dreams to reality. The connections that were made are incredible and the experience was priceless. Reading Intervention Academy will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring group of influential women. I can’t wait to attend another inspirational event. #RaisingtheStandard”

 – Kelley Stephenson, CEO, Reading Intervention Academy (Sponsor)

“My experience as a sponsor at RW was wonderful! It felt great to share a room filled with so many talented and passionate women. From the moment we arrived, we felt the love and positive energy. It was great to witness so many women share, learn and connect. Women supporting women through business is exactly what Luca Love is all about! The organizers and promoters of RW did a great job on creating a very special event. This is just the beginning of something great. Apart from business and emotional intelligence, we gained an incredible amount of connections from many inspiring women. We look forward to being part of this group and movement.” 

 – Paulina Tobon, Creator, Luca Love (Sponsor)

“I had the pleasure of attending the 1st Renaissance Women Conference. It was life changing, to say the least. This conference was empowering. We were equipped with the tools to search and find our passion. We were transformed by the testimonials of powerful successful women who have chosen to take the limits off. All types of women were in attendance; Women who have carried their cross, women who have been defeated, women who lost their drive, and women who were searching for a sisterhood. We were united and transformed back to a state of excellence. I feel inspired, I feel energized and ready to take my business to the next level.” Tieasha Waddy, CEO, Houston Birthing Connection (Attendee)

If you would like to add you own review of the event, go to our event listing and click on review. We would love to hear what was your greatest takeaway from this event.

You can also check out additional photos from the event on the Interesting Agency Facebook page.

Now on to our next event!

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