Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Interview with Molly Ann Quigley, McNair Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

What pushed you to start your business?  What was the impetus? 

I worked in Corporate for 25+ years and had a wonderful experience. Last year, I started feeling the need to provide the market directly with my expertise and original value added, which was the base to start my Performance Improvement Consulting business.The impetus was to challenge myself supporting people with practical solutions that solve their main business challenges and allow them to thrive in the current environment.
How did you handle telling your family and friends? 

I shared with them the vision of this dream and they were all very supportive. My family and friends have always encouraged us to pursue challenges that makes us happy, healthy and contribute to society.  They are all proud!
How do you market it? 

First, I imagined the name and created a brand image. Then, I worked on the standard marketing channels: Website, Facebook fan page, Linkedin, blog, YouTube, publications, etc..  It is very important to meet with potential clients face to face, listen to their needs and learn about their challenges. Also, I attend industry networking events, meetings, coffees, lunches, cocktails, and support volunteering causes that are important to me, like: Mentorship and education, women empowerment, leadership and others. I think, the best way to market your business is not only the “word of mouth” with friends and colleagues, but also, the referrals from very satisfied clients.
 Who was one of your role models? 

There are many people that I admire, but one of my favorites is Elon Musk from Tesla, an immigrant from South Africa that revolutionized the automotive and energy industry and contributed significantly to the space technology and exploration. I believe his contributions are in 3 clear levels: first an innovate business (Tesla - automotive), then a business that considers the well-being of the planet (Solar city -energy) and finally a business that thinks on the future of the humanity (Space X- space technology and exploration)

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