Monday, June 19, 2017

¿Como mejorar la utilidad y productividad de su negocio? Radio interview # 4, KYST 920 AM with Enrique Noriega.

What is financial management? The planning, directing, organizing, monitoring and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization. Adequate financial management is not only to match and report numbers, but also to make intelligent and strategic decisions in your company. Businesses generally have accurate reporting of their transactions, but due to inefficient or non-existent financial and business management, they produced less of a profit.

STC supports you with financial business solutions so you can find and correct inefficiencies (many times almost unnoticed but with significant impact) and strengthening your business. For more information, see videos and photos attached. (interview in Spanish)

Many thanks to Matthew Cruz Velasquez for inviting me again to participate in radio program: “Finance, Business & Insurance” and to Enrique Noriega for the interview on how Soledad Tanner Consulting is helping the community generate additional value and increase the profit and productivity of the businesses.

Soledad Tanner, MIB

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