Thursday, April 22, 2021

“Women To Watch International“ 2020. Trailblazer of the Year. (Soledad Tanner)

What a night!! Thank you to “Women To Watch International” for the honor to receive the “Trailblazer of the year award 2020” Congratulations to Valerie Peterson Kelly, who received the “Innovator of the year award 2020” at the “Diner en Rouge” at Morton’s the Steakhouse. 

Thank you to Angela Bbg Frederick - Founder, Tandi Sonara, Rickey Davis, The Classic Gentleman- Ode to Songs of Sinatra for your incredible show. 

Key points from the speech: “It takes courage to start a business. It takes determination and resiliency, to build the business. It takes financial knowledge & expertise to make it profitable. The guiding principles that have lead me to growth are: Visualize your dream, and with persistence, knowledge, and expertise, anything is achievable. 

Life is a gift and a journey. It is not about where you start, but where you are heading. We need to have an expanded vision, and an increased ability to adapt and adjust. We need higher levels of resilience to thrive and succeed, embracing change when facing the unknown. In the future, I believe, there will be a new way of making sense of the world and ourselves, and that is our greatest challenge.

 Always remember, no matter who you are, where you are, what you started with or, how high the climb might be, you can create the life of your dreams. Never give up! Dreams DO come true.” 

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